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The Clear Lake Area's First
Garage Flooring Specialist

Gallant Garage Coatings and Epoxy Surfac
GHBA Epoxy Systems
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Operating Since 1999
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Bret & Christina Locke
Since its inception, way back in 1999, Gallant Garage has been the
Clear Lake Area’s First and most trusted Garage Flooring Company.  We have been the leading garage floor specialist in the Greater Houston area for so long by taking care of our customers and our builder partners as if they were family.  The difference in our Epoxy Flooring Systems can be seen both in our company model as well as our products.  Along with our overwhelming track record in the epoxy flooring industry we take pride in a higher level of quality with our industrial grade products.  Gallant Garage quality starts with superior products and service.  Our 5 coat epoxy/poly garage flooring system is UVR Protected (will not yellow in the sun) and is simply unmatched by any of those so-called epoxy "specialists".  While using the 1, 2 or 3 coat "quick install" methods they are cutting important corners to a proper garage floor installation and thus making themselves more money at your expense.  Gallant Garage will NEVER install those floors even though they would save us time and money.  Our over 20 year reputation is what we value and by only installing our 5 coat epoxy flooring system can we stand by our 10 year warranty with extreme confidence.  These policies, coupled with reliable, on-time scheduling, constant communication and over 20 years of experience is why we are the best at what we do and are able to maintain happy customers who bring countless referrals and repeat business. 

Contact us today for all of your garage flooring needs in the Houston, Katy, Conroe, Sugar Land, Cypress, Kingwood, The Woodlands, Tomball, West University, Bellaire, Missouri City, Clear Lake, Friendswood, Spring, Richmond, Rosenburg, Stafford, Pearland, Pasadena areas and all areas surrounding!
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Quality:  Quality means superior products and service along with knowledge of the industry, prompt on-time scheduling and top warranties to backup our work.
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Experience:  We have been the leading garage floor specialist in the Greater Houston area since 1999 by taking care of our customers and our builder partners as if they were family.
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Reliable:  Rest assured that your job will be on-time and completed in the timeframe promised.  Communication and accountability is how we maintain happy customers and repeat business.
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Durable:  Combining a 10 year warranty, proper floor preparation and more coats of industrial strength products than all competitors is how we are the best at what we do.
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Home of the 10 Year Warranty

UVR Protected

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Avoid Painters!

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Avoid Do-It-Yourself Products!

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Demand 5 full Coats!

Stay away from painters, paint stores, home improvement stores and even so called epoxy specialists that only offer a 1, 2 or 3 coat system.  They simply cannot match the durability and quality of Gallant Garage’s exclusive 5 – coat Multi-color Epoxy/Poly flooring system.  Don’t  take the quick, cheap and easy approach to your garage flooring needs.  It may very well haunt you in the long run with costly repairs.  We absolutely refuse to install these products and systems because they cut necessary corners.  We warrant our floors for 10 full years and have been leading the Greater Houston industry since 1999  -  So you know we will still be here to honor that warranty for many years to come!
Gallant Garage Epoxy flooring 5 coat lay
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UVR Protected

Will not yellow in the Sun!

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Gallant Garage Epoxy Flooring Color Cafe
Gallant Garage Epoxy Flooring Color Port
Gallant Garage Epoxy Flooring Color Dolp
Gallant Garage Epoxy Flooring color Rare
Gallant-Rare Earth.png
Gallant Garage Epoxy Flooring Color Gran
Gallant Garage Epoxy Flooring Color Sadd
Gallant-Saddle Tan.png
Gallant Garage Epoxy Flooring Color Maxi
Gallant Garage Epoxy Flooring Color Terr
Gallant Garage Epoxy Flooring BMW
Gallant Garage Epoxy Flooring Black Vett
Gallant Garage Closeup Saddle Tan Tire
Gallant Garage Epoxy Flooring Red Vette
Gallant Garage Epoxy Flooring Motorcycle
Gallant Garage Epoxy Flooring SS
Gallant Garage Epoxy Flooring Tanks Gran
Gallant Garage Epoxy Flooring Lift cars
Gallant Garage Epoxy Flooring Classic Cl

Interlock Tile Flooring

Gallant Garage Interlock Flooring truck
Gallant Garage Interlock Black and Blue
Galklant Garage Flooring Interlock Color
Interlock flooring for moisture problems
Gallant Garage Interlock Flooring Black
Gallant Garage Interlock Flooring Red tr
Interlock PVC Tile floors are great if you want to implement a design in your floor or if your floor is not a candidate for epoxy/poly systems due to moisture issues

Garage Cabinets and Storage

Gallant Garage Cabinets and Storage Corn
Gallant Garage Cabinets and storage side
Gallant Garage Cabinets and storage Over
Gallant Garage Cabinets and storage Slat
Gallant Garage Cabinets and Storage Clea
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Clean Up the Clutter!  Put the finishing touches on any project and become the envy of your neighborhood with our professionally installed and crafted:  Cabinets, Shelves, Overhead Storage Racks, Bins, Workbenches, Slat Walls
and much much more! We can solve any storage need! 
Whether it be for your garage or any other part of your home!
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Gallant Garage Coatings and Epoxy Surfac
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