Gallant Garage is the Greater Houston Area’s First (Since 1999) and most trusted Garage Flooring Company because of our exclusive 5 – coat epoxy/poly system
Home of the 10 Year Warranty
Also Garage Storage
Stay away from painters, paint stores, home improvement stores and even so called epoxy specialists that only offer a 1, 2 or 3 coat system.  They simply cannot match the durability and quality of Gallant Garage’s exclusive 5 – coat Multi-color Epoxy/Poly flooring system.  Don’t  take the quick, cheap and easy approach to your garage flooring needs.  It may very well haunt you in the long run with costly repairs. 
We absolutely refuse to install these products and systems because they cut necessary corners.  We warrant our floors for 10 full years and have been leading the Greater Houston industry since 1999  -  So you know we will still be here to honor that warranty for many years to come!

Avoid Painters!

Avoid Do-It-Yourself Products!

Demand more than 2 or 3 Coats!

More Coats Means A Stronger & Easier Way to Clean Floor



Since our inception in 1999, Gallant Garage Flooring & Storage has taken great pride in providing only the top of the line products, installed by the best in the business.


We are committed to installing only the highest grade flooring systems designed to protect and beautify your garage floors, workshops, warehouses, patios, man-caves, game rooms and other areas. 


With the addition of our Garage Cabinets and Storage division, we can now do even more in making your total vision come true.


Bret & Christina Locke


Garage Flooring
Storage & Cabinets
Other Areas


#1 Garage Flooring Specialist in the Houston area!


On time & completed when promised!


Best in the business since 1999!


Easy to clean & warranted for 10 years!



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